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Project Zomboid

Vehicles - PvP/PvE

Server Name:

Mods Server Info
HydrocraftLoot Respawn
PumpPowerTriple Experience
ORGMBuild: 39.66.3
POS100% Dedicated 24/7

The Lamplighter Press

PZ Admins

Ingame Names: Doc Holliday, Admin 
Discord name: Doc Holliday#9853

Ingame Names: Awsul, Awsul Fuerte, Awsul Admin
Discord Name: Awsul#0978


If you have ideas for GPG and you'd like to help impliment or would like to participate in a leadership role, let us know. We are always looking for new and creative ways to expand and improve the community. 


Admins and game server staff members will not involve themselves in ingame politics unless rules are infringed on. Under no circumstances will raid you, offer free heals or items, or give your coordinates away.  


We aren't able to offer heals or enemy coordinates due to our value on Integrity, we will do our best to make sure the server and your game is performing at the best it possibly can. We'll help troubleshoot issues and will always be looking for ways to improve your experience.


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