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Game rules:
Two player allies max
No Ottos-Christian alliance until 1550
No mid-war alliance
No player marches or vassals. Unions count as a player alliance.
You must have a CB to declare war
Tributaries and overlord counts as player alliance
No use of any exploits/bugs/glitches
No abuse of the enforce peace system(Discuss this at game start)
No selling land without a reason and explanation
Truce breaking is allowed if not Nation Ruining
No nation ruining
Nations can not exodus to the new world
You must peace unconditional wars within 1 year

Nation specific rules:
HR Emperor can have 2 player allies
The Emperor of the HRE is a De Facto GP
Denmark is a great power if it has its unions
Hindustan/Bharat/Mughals are De Facto GPs
Only German Nations can form Prussia (German Culture)
Prussia is a Defacto GP
One player in Japan
Five players in HRE- Austria and Italian Nations do not count to this rule
Two players in Italy

-The following countries may not be played by players:
Any nation that starts off as a vassal

Great Power Rules:
Top 5 Great Powers can't ally
1 Great Power Alliance
Being a trib of Ming counts as your great power ally
You may not declare war on a player that is already a defensive warleader

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